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Book 4: Acostas
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The Single Girl's To Do List (written by Lucia aged 14)

All roads lead to Rome and there is only one goal here. He sits proudly at 10!

1. Get a job

2. Get a flat

3. Get a wax

4. Get a tan

5. Get a hairdo

6. Get a cool new wardrobe

7. Get a gym membership

8. Get a great dance teacher

9. Get a gag for her polo-playing brothers

10. Get a (non-polo-playing) man

As the only girl in a family of four polo-playing brothers I’ve had enough - And I mean ENOUGH!!!! of whips, spurs, and raging machismo morning, noon and night.



Chapter One

1. Get a job √

Not exactly the job I imagined, but I have my reasons.
What are these reasons?

Actually, I landed the dream job: management trainee in a top London hotel. It was the icing on the cake after achieving a good degree in Hotel Management back home in Argentina where a career in hospitality seemed the obvious choice to me after honing my craft on four demanding brothers. But I would rather eat my own feet than keep that dream job by sleeping with a slimeball concierge whose hold on her included revealing who ‘Anita Costa’ really was.

People who knew me before this diary entry might ask, what happened to wild child Lucia, the glamorous, glitzy fun girl who was always the life and soul of the party, and who now seems to have sunk lower than a whore's drawers? If you're one of them you'd better read on.
You will note that the one thing I have retained is my sense of humour. Just as well, as right now things couldn't be much bleaker.

No one knew better than Lucia that a nightclub in daylight was a dismal, skanky place. She should do. These past few days it had felt as if she spent most of her life on her hands and knees scrubbing the sticky floor beneath a stark, long-life bulb. Glittering and glamorous at night beneath the coloured lights, the club, located on the rugged splendour of Cornwall’s most popular coastline was high on Society’s hot list - thanks to the many opportunities to be seen both in the club, and on the fabulous beach where the many sporting activities drew the best pecs around. Lucia’s own, dangerously charismatic polo-playing brothers had flaunted themselves in this same area when they were younger with their hot friend, Luke.


Was this a good time to be thinking about more muscles and intelligence than was good for a man, captured in one devastatingly desirable package?
A man who had always been out of Lucia’s reach?
And who just happened to be a polo player. Which meant contravening 10# on her to-do list before she had ticked off 2# to 9#.


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Mills & Boon Modern (UK)
ISBN-10: 0263893359
ISBN-13: 978-0263893359
December 2012