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About Susan Stephens

USA TODAY best-selling author Susan Stephens' books have captivated readers worldwide with over 10 million copies sold. Her work crosses cultures and continents, having been translated into 26 languages and reaching readers in 109 countries. This year marks a milestone as Susan's 100th book is slated for publication.

Before becoming a successful author, Susan was a professional singer and television presenter. Her personal love story is as captivating as her novels: Susan met her husband on the enchanting Mediterranean island of Malta. It was love at first sight — they met on Monday, were engaged by Friday, and married within three months.

Now, Susan enjoys a blissful life in the stunning Yorkshire countryside with her husband and their big, spirited family.

Susan delights in family gatherings, entertaining friends, exploring new destinations, and indulging in the arts. She unwinds by reading, cooking, and playing the piano. For a rush of adrenaline, she hits the slopes, or rides through the countryside she loves.

Join Susan on this incredible journey through pages that promise to whisk you away and adventures that thrill beyond the written word.


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