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Sizzling Mistletoe Kisses...

Spending Christmas with Brazilian polo champion Gabe Ortoya—and his whole family—opens Lucy Lavender’s eyes to a whole new side of this notorious heartbreaker. Gabe is Lucy's in to her dream career in equine medicine but she vows to resist her wickedly sexy boss. After a devastating kiss under the mistletoe, Lucy finds it increasingly hard not to surrender to temptation. . . .Especially when sinfully delicious Gabe seems to have put it on his holiday wish list to get her into his bed!


...Now pretend you’re not excited, Lucy mused as she arranged a small stack of sugar-dusted mince pies in cellophane with trembling fingers before securing Gabe’s small gift with a bright red tartan ribbon. Why shouldn’t she be excited, when her boss, Gabe Ortoya, reining world polo champion and captain of the Brazilian Thunderbolt polo team, was coming round to pick her up today.

And just in case her imagination ran away with her, this crazy heartbeat had nothing with physical attraction No. As a veterinary student keen to pursue a career in equine medicine, accepting a lift to the Acosta party from Gabe was a sound investment in her future career.

Give me a job at your polo stables or your mince pies are dust!

That should do it!


Lucy barely had time to wash her hands and finger-comb her hair before the doorbell rang. She glanced at her watch. Gabe was early. Pausing by the mirror, she wiped the tell tale sugar dust off her mouth, then bracing herself, she took a deep breath and swung the door wide.



She had never seen him in daylight before. That was such a ridiculous thought she wanted to laugh. Gabe looked glorious – ten times better in daylight, especially wrapped up like the most delicious Christmas present ever in a heavy black jacket with a wool scarf catching on his thick black stubble. Jeans, boots and attitude completed the ensemble. He was perfect. Delicious. Perfectly delicious.

Seeing his arms loaded with packages her brain cells reluctantly whirred into action. ‘Won’t you come in?’ She stood back.

‘My apologies for arriving early, Lucy, but I brought some things...’

‘I can see that.’ She gasped as Gabe piled box after box from London’s most exclusive store along the wall in her modest hallway.

‘Happy Christmas, Lucy –’

‘You’re going?’ Lucy's heart sank. So much for that imagination of hers prompting all sorts of raunchy thoughts.

‘I’ll return prompt at three o’ clock, Luce - Oh, and before I go, I forgot something –’

Too busy staring round him into the car to try and see what Gabe might have forgotten, she was an easy target, and gasped when she spotted the mistletoe in his hand. ‘Don’t you dare -’ But her body refused to move, and before she could speak or think, Gabe had dipped his head and kissed her.

Remaining quite still, as if that could somehow trap the moment, Lucy slowly opened her eyes in time to see Gabe folding his muscular frame into an expensive red car. The only thing wrong with suspending time, she mused, was that it cleared mind of rational thought. What were those things he'd left in her hall?

It was too late to ask Gabe, Lucy realised with frustration as his sports car roared away...



‘Christmas Nights with the Polo Player is ummissable if you've been keeping up with the Acosta’s or if you’re looking for a fantastic Christmas themed love story sure to crank the heat up for those celebrating Christmas in the currently chilly Northern Hemisphere…’ 4 stars
—Tash New Zealand

‘Susan Stephens gives you the perfect Christmas read this winter with Christmas Nights with the Polo Player...’ 4 stars
—Harlequin Junkie Blog


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December 2013