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The Playboy, the Virgin, and One Passionate Night...

With his playboy reputation Raffa likes to keep things simple- no strings, no wedding, and definitely no children. But there's something about Leila Skavanga that tugs at emotions Raffa never knew he had.

Sweet timid mouse? Hear the mouse roar!

After one passionate night these two polar opposites must work together. Could Leila be the one woman to turn Raffa's world upside down?


The mining company had been in Leila’s family for generations since one of her ancestors had discovered a rich seam of minerals and the town had been named after it, but nothing attracted the attention of the world’s press like diamonds and there was no denying they were bring a lot of those pretty stones to the surface now.

‘That’s what they call us,’ Leila admitted, feeling faintly embarrassed as she considered herself the runt of the litter. ‘I’m the smallest stone with the most flaws –’

‘Which make you the most interesting in my book,’ the cabbie interrupted. ‘And you’re in with a chance – There’s one billionaire left for you.’

Leila laughed. She couldn’t help it. She loved his sense of humour. ‘I’ve got more sense. And I’m definitely not Raffa Leon’s type. And thank goodness for that!’

‘He’s got a bit of a reputation,’ the cabbie agreed. ‘But you don’t want to believe everything you read in the press.’

Remembering how the glossies made out that the three Skavanga sisters were currently monopolising the world stage, at least as far as celebrity was concerned, Leila was inclined to believe him. The only stage she stood a chance of monopolising was the bus shelter on her way to work.

‘And remember this,’ the cabbie added, giving Leila an appraising look. ‘Billionaire’s like to marry down. They want a quieter life at home – they have enough excitement in the office. Don’t take offence, love. I mean it as a compliment. You look like a nice, quiet girl, is all.’

By this point Leila was convulsed with laughter. ‘And no offence taken,’ she said, holding herself together long enough to speak. ‘Now you be careful of the icy roads. I’m guessing you’ve got a long, cold night ahead of you.’

‘Too right, I have. Goodnight. Have fun!’

‘I will –’ Just as soon as she had visited the cloakroom to sort out her dress. Parties might not be Leila's thing, but she had no intention of letting her glamorous sisters down by arriving at their party covered in mud.

Waiting for a gap in the traffic, she crossed the road, and then hastily backed into the shadow of a doorway when she saw Raffa Leon standing at the top of the steps, scanning the street. He was probably waiting for some glamorous socialite to decant from a limo’...

There went her plan to make an anonymous entrance!

Not necessarily… She could run up the steps, duck her head and scoot past him. He wouldn’t even notice –


Everything was going perfectly. Raffa was looking one way, while she ran up the steps on his blind side. And then she hit a patch of ice and her heels went one way while she went the other. With a shriek, she prepared to hit the stone step hard.

Wrong again.

‘Leila Skavanga?’

Oh… No…

If there was one lap she didn’t want to sit on tonight it was this lap!

‘Raffa Leon!’ She faked surprise. ‘Goodness me! Please forgive me. I didn’t see you standing there –’


And surprise? Make that deeply, deeply embarrassing. If Raffa had been playing for the Spanish rugby team he would have brought the crowd to its feet with that save!

‘I’m glad I caught you.’ The deep, faintly accented voice held more than a hint of amusement, as the man for whom the phrase tall, dark and handsome, had been invented, lifted her to her feet.

‘Ha..aa...’ was the best she could manage weakly as she made a big performance of brushing herself down. Raffa smelled divine, and he was unreasonably gorgeous in a swarthy, piratical way, but it was the energy flowing off him that made her...



‘When fire meets ice, watch out for the explosion! Stephens' latest Skavanga romance stars a tall, dark and handsome, but cold-hearted royal hero, and an exuberant, innocent and fiery heroine. Their love story shines bright, and their love-making turns Arctic ice to fire.’ 4.5 stars
—Debbie Haupt, RT BOOK REVIEWS


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Apple Books UK : Apple Books CA

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