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USA Today bestselling author Susan Stephen's digital novella reveals just how hard it is to be a modern day princess in this passionate and powerful story that will stay in your minds, long after the last page!

The last of her clan, Princess Astrid steps up to claim her birth right as ruler of the Arctic lands of Hammersvik. But first she must complete the rigorous training her advisors insist upon.

Her unlikely tutor is Karl Thorberg, Prince of the neighbouring lands, intrepid explorer and reckless thrill-seeker. He insists pampered Astrid leave her palace and experience, first hand, the wild Arctic landscape she will rule.

As the freezing Artic wind rages round them, passions are heating up between Astrid and Karl. It's not long before Karl is tempted into some very un-princely behaviour! But during their one night of indiscretion, he inadvertently resolves another condition of her reign - that she provides an heir!


Chapter One

Princess Astrid of Hammersvik backed into the palace cinema room, balancing a phone, a stack of DVD’s, a couple of magazines, a bulging make-up bag, a can of soda, a packet of gum, and a giant sized bag of munchies, on top of the coffee-table-sized books she had received through the post that morning.

‘Didn’t anyone think to put the light on in here?’ Muttering beneath her breath, she found the switch and somehow managed to knock it on with the back of her head.

‘Turn that light out!’

‘What the…’ Creeping forward she took a closer look at the enormous slumbering form currently stretched out on one of the lavish leather day beds arranged in front of the screen.

‘I don’t take instruction,’ she informed the magnificent intruder. ‘I give them.’

LOL! The Royal Council had insisted she must instruct, demand, command, and generally be what Astrid considered downright rude, so people didn’t think she was weak. With so many unscrupulous pretenders to the throne only too eager to unseat her, appearing weak was not a good idea, so she’d play along for now, but as soon as she had dealt with the troublemakers she intended to win respect through fair treatment to all. She loved her country and would do everything she could to keep it safe.

But if she was going to test those royal wings on anyone –

‘Can’t you see I’m sleeping?’ A deep male voice grumbled as she turned on all the lights.

‘Who the hell are you?’ Astrid could take most things in her stride, even a man who looked like a Viking and who had just proved that he could swear like one too.

She lurched back as the giant sprang up. He towered over her. His shoulders blocked out the light, and while his impressive torso was clad in a workmanlike jumper in an indeterminate shade of green, his bottom half was…


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