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USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

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Susan Stephens' Highland Dragons

3 Tales of Dragon Romance from USA Today Bestselling authors Carole Mortimer, Susan Stephens, and Angelique Armae.

LACHLAN by Carole Mortimer

Finding an ancient journal which wrote of men who could shift into dragon, followed by traveling to Scotland in search of evidence they had really once existed, wasn't the wisest thing Belle had ever done.

Nor was becoming lost on a Scottish mountain during a blizzard, taking shelter in a cave and hearing the feral roar of a wild animal, and then being rescued by the imposing Lachlan, a man with secrets in his icy gray eyes.

TORRAN by Susan Stephens

Danger hides in boiling thunder clouds above the Highlands of Scotland for dragon-shifter Torran, Laird of Kildear and audacious storm-chasing journalist, Kate Trent.

Ensnared by destiny's call, ancient secrets and a mysterious portal into an alternate dimension catapult this unlikely couple onto a collision course with fate.

Their connection? Explosive. The stakes? Sky-high.

Fiery passion ignites a daring quest for love, but first they must navigate a treacherous path of supernatural threat.

Plunge into this spellbinding tale of suspense, magic and undying love, where every shadow hides a truth, and loyalty, passion and power reign supreme.

SLAYED BY LOVE by Angelique Armae

In the magical town of Dundaire, Scotland, a female dragon slayer hunts her greatest enemy only to discover he's her soulmate…

Descended of legendary warriors, Rylie St. George has spent years slinging stones at the dragon statue behind her family castle. But when she goes too far and shoots off a very personal part of the sculpture, the beast within awakens to reclaim what is his. And he does so in the most scorching way possible. Now Riley craves the dragon's searing touch, putting her family legacy and everything she holds dear at risk.

Zerek MacKenzie hasn't spent centuries with the dragon-side of his soul encased in stone simply to let a misguided slayer turn his private parts to dust. Clearly, Rylie St. George hasn’t learned the secret history of her clan or she’d be submitting to him rather than antagonizing him. Never mind her lack of fighting skills. What he would give to train her in the proper wielding of a sword. But with dark magic stalking Dundaire, time isn't on Zerek's side. He has only days to convince Riley he's not her enemy while also making a proper warrior out of her. If only he didn't have to reveal the truth about her clan, first. A revelation he doubts Riley is going to accept without a fight.

Warning: Contains a sexy kilt-wearing dragon-shifter with a wickedly talented forked tongue and a snarky castle who doesn't take kindly to his matchmaking skills being challenged.

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Can the Greek show her the pleasure she’s always dreamed of, in this intoxicating romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Stephens?

He returned for business…
Will he stay for their pleasure?

For tycoon Xander Tsakis, returning to his Greek island home is as unwelcome as the dark memories it triggers. He owes it to his late parents to restore it to its former glory, but he certainly doesn’t plan on enjoying it. Until he meets Rosy Bloom…

Innocent Rosy wanted peace from her unrelenting past. But there’s nothing peaceful about the storm of emotion and desire that Xander unleashes in her! Anything they share would be strictly temporary… But being in Xander’s dangerously thrilling proximity has cautious Rosy abandoning all reason!

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Susan Stephens' The Acostas!


susan stephens' blood and thunder series

Powerful, hot-blooded men fight for justice.

Passionate, stand-up women go head to head with them in this pulse-racing quartet of sexy, fast moving novels.

Set in exotic, often dangerous locations, four hard men: a Russian, an Argentinian, a Spaniard, and Cesar, the mystery man who calls no place home, find love a tougher call than the criminals they track down.

United. Triumphant. Blood and Thunder.

If you loved Susan Stephens’ Band of Brothers: Acosta series, and Thunderbolt!, you’ll love Blood and Thunder from this USA Today bestselling author.

Alexei (Book 1) : Dante (Book 2) : Diego (Book 3) : Cesar (Book 4) : Conor (Book 5)

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Susan Stephens' manga A_Night_of_Royal_Consequences

A Night of Royal Consequences
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The Sheikh's Captive Bride
The Sheikh's Captive Bride
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