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Susan Stephens' manga A_Night_of_Royal_Consequences The Sheikh's Captive Bride
A Night of Royal Consequences (Amazon UK) (Amazon US) || The Sheikh's Captive Bride (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

susan stephens harlequin comics Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim
Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim (Amazon UK) ( || The Sicilian's Defiant Virgin (Amazon UK) (

A Bride Fit For A Prince? Amazon UK : Amazon US  ||  The Sheikh's Shock Child Amazon UK : Amazon US  ||  
Brazilian's Nine Month Notice Amazon US : Amazon UK
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Virgin For Sale Amazon US : Amazon UK || The Italian Prince's Proposal Amazon US : Amazon UK
Bedded by the Desert King Amazon US : Amazon UK  ||  The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin Amazon US : Amazon UK
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susan stephens' manga Bound To The Tuscan Billionaire susan stephens' manga the purest of diamonds
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susan stephens' diamond in the desert manga the big bad boss
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Susan Stephens' The Flaw in his Diamond manga Susan Stephens' The Sultan's Seduction
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susan stephens' dirty weekend manga cover the greek's bridal purchase manga
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susan stephens' manga maharaja's mistress susan stephens' sheik boss hot desert nights

Maharaja's Mistress   Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights
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master of the desert
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Master of the Desert
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Antonia’s work takes her to the desert kingdom of Sinnebar, the country she’s always dreamed of visiting, but on the way her boat is attacked by pirates. She dives into the stormy sea and somehow makes it to a fancy yacht, but the owner, a mysterious man called Saif, catches her and confines her. She’s furious at arrogant Saif for treating her like a criminal, but she’s enthralled by his wild charms. Little does she know that Saif is really the man known as the “Sword of Vengeance,” the King of Sinnebar…Nor does she know how he was fated to loathe her.


ruling sheikh, unruly mistress count maxime's virgin Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim housekeeper at his beck and call
Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress   Count Maxime's Virgin   Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim   Housekeeper at His Beck and Call
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harlequin comics vol 3 italian hero comics
Both of these Harlequin Comics are currently free on Kindle UK and US - [Free] Harlequin Comics Hero Selection Vol. 4 and [Free] Harlequin Comics Artist Selection Vol. 3.


susan stephens' master of the desert manga   big bad boss
Master of the Desert   The Big Bad Boss

A Diamond for Del Rio's Housekeeper   In The Brazilian's Debt


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susan stephen's manga susan stephen's manga2

Expecting His Royal Baby the sultan's seduction bedded by the desert king Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights Expecting His Royal Baby

Expecting His Royal Baby   The Sultan's Seduction   Bedded By The Desert King   Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights   Expecting His Royal Baby


The Italian Prince's Proposal A Spanish Inheritance Desert King, Pregnant Mistress The Greek's Seven-Day Seduction The Sheikh's Captive Bride

The Italian Prince's Proposal   A Spanish Inheritance   Desert King, Pregnant Mistress   The Greek's Seven-Day Seduction   The Sheikh's Captive Bride