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The Platinum Collection

8 Mar. 2018
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The Platinum Collection
*Commissions Earned on Amazon links

The Spaniard's Revenge

The Ford family caused Xavier Martinez Bordiu's brother's death. Now Sophie Ford works for him! Tempted by her beauty, Xavier will take his revenge in the most pleasurable way...

Sophie is still a virgin. But, as Xavier's skillful seduction awakens her sensuality, he finds the ice around his own heart beginning to melt. This is not the kind of revenge on which the Spaniard has bargained!

The Italian Prince's Proposal

Crown Prince Alessandro Bussoni Ferara needs a purely practical marriage – and he's found the perfect bride! Emily Weston agrees to the prince's proposal. But once Alessandro's wedding ring is on her finger, it's revealed that he must provide his principality with an heir.

Heartbroken to find she's just a bride of convenience, Emily decides she must leave Alessandro...without telling him she's expecting his baby!

The Greek's Bridal Purchase

Miranda Weston is recovering from the injuries that ended her career, so she's stunned when Greek billionaire Theo Savakis pursues her. What can one of the world's most powerful and eligible men want with her?

Theo needs a wife – fast – or he'll forfeit his inheritance, and Miranda is the perfect choice. But he hasn't counted on the passion that flares...or on Miranda learning the truth about how he set out to buy her for marriage!


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*Commissions Earned on Amazon links

Mills & Boon (AU)
19 Mar. 2018