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A Scandalous Midnight in Madrid (Passion in Paradise)
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There was no caution and no acknowledgement from Sadie that she was a virgin with no experience of men. She only knew what she wanted and needed, and that was Alejandro.

Like two tigers mating they ripped at each other’s clothes. Two equals meeting, and demanding everything from each other. Skin scorched against skin. It was as if a tornado had torn through the confined space. Cushions and throws hit the floor, until, finally, breathlessly, she was naked and so was he. When Alejandro brought her into his arms she responded by reaching up to weave her fingers through his thick, wavy hair to keep him close. There was no blushing, no shame, no surprise at feeling his very masculine contours thrust hard against her softer, yielding body. There was only eagerness to claim her mate, and to be claimed. No thought of consequences crossed her mind.

Alejandro’s kisses were seductive and addictive and as he pressed her down on the bed night threw a blanket of privacy around them, making it seem that they were the only two people in the world. Sadie senses were heightened until each touch and kiss threatened to tip her over the edge into a pleasure she couldn’t even imagine. Their breathing matched, and her heart beat in time with his as Alejandro’s brutally masculine body remained poised above her. His restraint made her want him even more. He smelled so good, so warm and masculine, musky and clean, and he tasted so minty and fresh, but it was his cherishing touch that moved her to tears.

There was something very different about Alejandro when she compared him to other men. Not only was he infinitely sexier and stronger, but he was tender towards her too. That was the last thing she had expected of him and it made emotion surge inside her.


‘You’re a virgin.’

His words shocked her. They hung in the air between them like an accusation, shattering the spell and bringing harsh reality into the world of passion. ‘How can you tell?’ she asked defensively. ‘Did I do something wrong?’

‘You should have told me,’ he said, drawing back.

‘So now you know.’

‘I suspected,’ he said, ‘but now I’m certain.’


‘And now you have to be doubly sure that this is what you want,’ he said.

‘I am sure. I’ve never wanted anything more,’ Sadie admitted. ‘But if you don’t want—’

Alejandro answered this as well as her self-doubt with a kiss so lingering and gentle he moved her to tears. She had never felt a touch like his.


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Mills & Boon (UK)
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30, May 2019

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June 1, 2019