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Royals Collection
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Royals Collection
*Commissions Earned on Amazon links

This collection of royals know exactly what they want and exactly how they’re going to get it!

Royals: Claimed by the Prince

The Heartbreaker Princeby Kim Lawrence

Passion and the Prince by Penny Jordan

Prince of Secrets by Susan Stephens

Royals: A Dutiful Princess

His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens

Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair by Michelle Celmer

Royal Holiday Baby by Leanne Banks

Royals: Wed to the Prince

By Royal Command by Robyn Donald

The Princess and the Outlaw by Leanne Banks

The Prince’s Secret Bride by Raye Morgan

Royals: For Their Royal Heir

An Heir Fit for a King by Abby Green

The Pregnant Princess by Anne Marie Winston

The Prince’s Secret Baby by Christine Rimmer

Royals: Chosen by the Prince

The Prince’s Waitress Wife by Sarah Morgan

Becoming the Prince’s Wife by Rebecca Winters

To Dance with a Prince by Cara Colter

Royals: His Hidden Secret

Revealed: A Prince and a Pregnancy by Kelly Hunter

Date with a Surgeon Prince by Meredith Webber

The Secret King by C J Miller


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*Commissions Earned on Amazon links

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September 1, 2017