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Royals: A Dutiful Princess
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Royals: A Dutiful Princess
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His Forbidden Diamond

Former soldier Tyr Skavanga, haunted by the terrors of war, has cut himself off and hardened his heart. Now one person has managed to defy his defences – innocent, exotic Princess Jasmina of Kareshi. She’s strictly off limits but denying their electrifying connection could be the toughest challenge he’s ever had to face…

Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair

He’d danced with her on a dare, but Samuel Baldwin had seduced Princess Anne to quench his own desire. Chipping away at Anne’s icy façade had been pure pleasure. . . until he learned their passion-filled night had left him responsible for one pregnant princess.

Royal Holiday Baby

Valentina Deveraux was in shock. She had always been the good girl, the model princess – not the one getting mixed up in tabloid scandals. But one carefree night with charming Texan Zachary Logan had changed everything. Now her main responsibility was not to the throne, but to her unborn child…and its father!


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Mills & Boon (UK)
ISBN-10: 0263932494
ISBN-13: 978-0263932492
December 28, 2017