susan stephens

Seriously, the best trip ever!

Not the pared down racing yacht in which my youngest sailed the Atlantic twice, but a taste - admittedly an extremely comfortable and safe taste - of what travelling by tall ship is like.

Of the two hundred passengers more than one hundred were repeat sailors on the Star Clipper line, which is the greatest compliment possible for an amazing crew, that, without exception, worked so very hard to make sure guests had the most fabulous time.

Retracing our steps of my daughter’s lovely wedding in Amalfi, we were lucky enough to be able to include Linda, an American friend I made on board. Linda’s husband had boldly hired a Lambretta for the day to go exploring - and yes, he arrived back on board safely, if a little shaken by his experience on the steep and extremely narrow, winding roads!

And if you want a close up of what we were about to eat - you really, really do :-)!!! ...

If you find yourself in Amalfi, do go to Cafe Pansa in the town square for one of their AMAZING lemon cakes :-)

The ship was amazing and we visited some incredible ports before heading off to Rome to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary...

Our hotel had a fabulous rooftop terrace overlooking the city...and it was directly opposite Harry’s Bar. Yep. You’re right. It would have been rude not to!

We celebrated our actual wedding anniversary in a restaurant we last visited maybe 30 years ago. The same owner was there, and the restaurant was every bit as good as we remembered, though the Via Veneto, off which the restaurant is situated, is quite a sedate boulevard these days. It used to be racy and edgy and full of celebrities, with night life to make your toes curl. You couldn’t book this restaurant, but had to stand in line whether you were a film star or ordinary folk like us. Not as exciting these days, but safer probably - not that we cared back then!

And yes, this trip has certainly stirred my creative juices - look out for a hot Roman coming soon!

But first there is a return to the fires of Spain with A SCANDALOUS MIDNIGHT IN MADRID. Wow, what a title! Huge thanks to the team at Mills and Boon. I think it’s my favourite title to date. Release date: 2019

Wishing you all a most wonderful month of October, with good things to eat, great friends to hang out with, and plenty of love and romance.

Love to you all,
signature xx