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The month of May represents the start of things to me, living here in the Northern Hemisphere. It's the month when I plant out bedding plants - waiting until my mother's birthday on the 15th to be sure of avoiding any frost!

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But this month of May really is the start of something new for me—A Brand New Series, HOT HEX,  featuring swords and sorcery, witches and demons, shapeshifters, and many more creatures that inhabit the Otherworld. 

To say Hot Hex is a complete change of direction for me, wouldn't be strictly true. Love conquers all has been my maxim ever since I started writing. And, believe me, it works in life too! 

In these Hot Hex fantasy tales of love and loss, battles, and red hot passion, love really does conquer all.

Light will always win over darkness in a Susan Stephens story, whether I'm writing hot contemporary romance, or fantasy romance.

Love is, and will always be the common factor.

Warrior Witch is available for pre-order now, with Royal Witch following shortly afterwards. Look out for Christmas Witch some time in October, when my small town witch makes sure that everyone's dreams come true in time for Christmas Day.

Wishing you sunshine, friendship and love, wherever you live in the world - and of course, plenty of great reading to escape into each day.

Much love to all my reader friends—and a special pat on the head for my fictional dragons. I look forward to welcoming you all to the astral plane, where I promise you a red-hot ride—and maybe even the chance to wrangle a dragon!

Happy month of May everyone!
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