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Down to the sea again...

It's been far too long! Cancelling a cruise around Japan hours before the world closed down for Covid, was nothing compared to the suffering of so many people that none of us had any idea was to come. But as the world cautiously opens up again, I'm on my travels again.

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This upcoming trip is my 'starter for ten' before our big trip later in the year. Standby for pics and people. We're actually going on our next big trip with a couple we met on our last big trip, which I'm so looking forward to. Meeting new people is part of the joy of travel.

I can't wait to share these travels with you. I love an adventure. Venturing into the unknown is such rich research— Talking of which, I can't decide which of these yachts my next hero will sail into romance... I'm thinking the sexy catamaran. They're wild to sail, and I can already picture him bestriding the deck!

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Love to you all for a happy and healthy October, with lots and lots of good reading and romance!