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Counting my blessings in 2023...

First off, I'm not supposed to be here, but in Peru! Following a memorable visit to Machu Picchu and the surrounding area, Mr S and I were planning to board his favourite shipping line before heading up the West coast of South America followed by a full transit of the Panama Canal, then the Caribbean, and on to Florida and glorious Fort Lauderdale.


Susan Stephens January 2023
Our ship - or it was supposed to be our ship!
  Silver Moon.

Susan Stephens Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Civil unrest sadly rendered our insurance void, and all trips to Machu Picchu were cancelled. So, my gift to Mr S for his big birthday was a flop. But not our enforced time at home...

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Beautiful baby. I can't imagine any holiday shots that could make me happier than these.

I'd booked this adventure well before I knew that my daughter–in–law was pregnant, so I was home for the birth of the baby, and able to enjoy a wonderful time seeing all my eight grandchildren at various times.


Susan Stephens jan 23 newsletter
Alpine garden RHS Harlow Carr

Susan Stephens news january Susan Stephens january newsletter update
Big sis. The twins will be the most marvellous big sisters.

Susan Stephens January 2023 update
Crazy life down on the farm.

Susan Stephens newsletter update
Tennis champ having a day off from the courts.

No one loves a holiday more than me, but I'll take my grandchildren over a trip any day of the week!

Susan Stephens January Newsletter

Wishing you happiness as well as surprise happiness throughout 2023, and good health and success to you all.

With my love,