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Wonderful June!

Apologies for the delay in publishing my July newsletter!!!

Moving house has sucked me dry! Lol! Well, almost...but it has taken up every available second of my time.

Of course, if I will choose a project I must accept the consequences. ===:-#

This poor old house needed everything doing, so we’re hitting it hard, starting with the garden (and defeating the bluebottles that swarmed into rooms once the floor boards were lifted. Spooky! I’m not even going to think about what might be under there, let alone start writing horror stories, which frighten me to death!)

Here was the garden as we found it...a poor neglected hedge with no shape. Now, there’s no hedge! We’ll start again with a completely blank canvas and paint the garden the way we dream it could be, with terracing and flowering shrubs, as well as lots of ground cover to keep weeding to a minimum.

I want you to be part of this journey, so each month I’ll be posting a progress report on the House of Horrors as we not so fondly call it right now, as it slowly (hopefully) becomes a much-loved, if chaotic family home.

First off, the garden.

From this...

susan stephens' garden 1

To this...

susan stephens' garden 2

I would also like a water feature - a slide for the kids to scoot down, or something more decorative...hmm? We shall see.

Meanwhile, it has already been great inspiration for a book. But, even if I do love a project, this time I have almost bitten off more than I can chew, but as I also thrive on challenge, bring it on!

Talking of which - one of my favourite stories, based on my own whirlwind romance to the long-suffering Mr S, is being re-released in September.

The GREEK’S 7-DAY SEDUCTION is part of a steamy six-handed anthology coming your way in September.

susan stephens' mediterranean seduction

Well, as the good weather continues here in the UK I’d better water my flowering pots, leaving you with my very best wishes for a fabulous July.

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