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We welcome in a wet July here in the United Kingdom—at least, our gardens do!

I hope this finds you well and happy, and, more importantly perhaps, healthy in both body and mind.

These are such uncertain and difficult times that the relief I find from reading a book and escaping into another world for a few hours, has never been more important. I always reach the end of a book feeling satisfied and somehow better and brighter, and more able to 'gird m'loins', and carry on. Maybe this gentle therapy will work for you too—just add music to the mix, and relax...

susan stephens' One Scandalous Christmas Eve susan stephens' One Scandalous Christmas Eve

I've just made a start on Acostas! Book 10. I can hardly believe the journey this band of ruthless polo playing brothers is taking me on! And now their Spanish cousins demand a hearing, which is all down to you, my amazing readers, for prompting me to write more. Your wish is my command. I love writing these books, so thank you all :)

Book 10 tells The story of Raffa Acosta and Rose Kelly, one of the grooms working with Raffa's horses. From a small farm in Ireland, Rose is thrown into a world of unimaginable luxury and privilege, where Rose discover the lives of the rich and famous have just as many problems as the rest of us, but they can buy themselves out of most things - except matters of the heart.

Sparks will fly when strong-minded Rose goes head to head with superstar Raffa!

And here are some sunny pics to make us all smile.

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