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susan stephens' Team Lobos Acosta Polo

The ACOSTAS are riding out again, and I couldn't be more excited. This polo team is the best yet - if you like hard, driven men with thighs of steel and hearts made of stone...

Something wolfy here?

TEAM LOBOS - THE WOLF - couldn't be a better description of a band of brothers who are wealthy and powerful, shrewd and strong, with steel-trap minds and bodies made for sin. In other words, my type of man, my type of hero!

The first book in this series, ONE SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS EVE, tells the story of Zak, The Wolf, Acosta, and skilled man-wrangler Jess. Jess is a physiotherapist with every reason to get up close and personal to our swarthy, brooding hero.

susan stephens

With his earring and ink, and formidable physique, Zak Acosta, like any wounded beast, is more dangerous now than he has ever been, and a huge threat to the bruised heart of a stand-up woman like Jess.

I hope you enjoy rampaging through the pages of my new ACOSTA stories, as my heroes rampage across an international stage, bringing their darkly glittering glamour and unimaginable sexual prowess into your life.


susan stephens

I always feel uplifted as the days grow longer here in the northern hemisphere, but although snowdrops are peeping out in the hedgerows around my village, and daffodils and even early tulips are starting to break through, I won't get too optimistic just yet, as this can happen...

But this looks like great writing weather to me!

May February be kind to you, and as exciting as it will be for me as I embark on the second story in my new ACOSTA series... The next story will feature Sofia Acosta and a royal prince. One sister growing up with four brothers, and cruel fate throws Sofia into the path of an overbearing prince? What is fate thinking?! That if anyone can handle him, Sofia can!

Happy reading everyone!

With my love to you all,
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