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A world-changing year rolls on into autumn...

Never have we needed entertainment more. I've been devouring books, and binge-watching series on TV, as well as taking up hobbies I haven't enjoyed in years. If I don't stop baking soon I'll have to open a stall on the local market!

susan stephens

A quick glance at my crazy desk is proof enough that I'm on the final stretch with my latest scrumptious Acosta...

susan stephens

Heart-slayer Raffa Acosta struggles to find the key to the heart of his Head groom Rose Kelly.
Rose, a plain-talking woman from Ireland, considers herself impervious to the deadly Acosta charm,
Will love find a way?
IT HAS TO, or I can't finish the book 😖
Come on guys, how hard can it be to know you're absolutely made for each other?! Please give this author a break!!!

The Acostas are back!

My readers asked for more stories about my rampaging bad-boys, and who am I to refuse! It's such a thrill to be back with those men with iron thighs and stony hearts, and to create heroines equal to the task of nailing them—to the mast—or the bed-post—and most definitely the marital bed.

Join me for a roller-coaster ride of emotion with Dante and level-headed physiotherapist Jess.

one scandalous christmas eve

ONE SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS EVE...available on the 17th of this month!

The billionaire wants his bed!

Smouldering Dante Acosta has got to be physiotherapist Jess's sexiest client yet. Even injured, the playboy polo champion exudes a raw power that makes Jess giddy...but can she depend on him fighting for their chemistry this Christmas?

And here are some wonderful photos of autumn here in Yorkshire for your pleasure...

Happy reading everyone! May September be a happy and successful, and, above all, healthy month, for all of us.

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