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Hello everyone!

Spring has sprung up here on the Yorkshire moors. The fences are all mended, the cattle have come into the fields, and the scenery is spectacular.


Not the best writing weather, I have to admit, but I love the process of getting my latest story down so much that I only glance outside the window occasionally. Okay, a lot! ;)

I'm really excited to announce the release of the 3rd novel in my bestselling Blood and Thunder series. This is Diego's story, but as one of my eagle-eyed readers has already noticed, there is a running theme throughout the 3 books so far, with a villain called Del Roca still out there on the loose.

susan stephens' spaniard untamed

Diego is as hot as hell and twice as dangerous.

Available on all platforms, he's waiting for you to share a hot, hard ride with him into passion and romance.

The first two books in my Blood and Thunder series feature a Russian hardman called Alexei, and my infamous Romani chieftain from Argentina, Dante Formosa. If you haven't read their stories yet, don't miss out on these steamy novels!!!

susan stephens' blood and thunder series

And now the moment I've been waiting to share with you...the cover reveal for Book 4 in the Blood and Thunder series.

Ladies, I give you, Cesar, the coldest man in town. Cesar is a mystery man without a past. He belongs nowhere and to no one. Has Cesar met his match in his kickass mail order bride? Will he finally be the one to nail the evil Del Roca?

Blood and Thunder combine in this fiercely passionate book. Okay, it's hot. Smokin' hot. If you don't want thrills and, um, thrills, better stand well back!

susan stephens' brazilian unleashed

Cesar can be yours this summer!!! Prepare now. Buy a fan! Better still have a bucket of ice on the side and a cold shower running!

There's a surprise for you in next month's newsletter. It's yet another cover reveal for a brand new ROYAL series! The weather might be gorgeous, but those ideas keep coming, and my red hot heroes aren't the type of guys to hang around.



Looking forward to speaking to you again really soon,
Love to all,

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