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Welcome Spring!

suan stephens' february newsletter

I’m so excited about February, and i want to share that excitement with you. It’s no mistake that my strap line on my Susan Stephens Facebook author page is ‘Feel Good! Happy! Write!’ Essentially, I’m an entertainer and always have been from the first time I stood up in class to tell a story, and no one wants to hear what a lousy January I’ve had.

Lol - But here goes: broken rib, wrenched ligaments, and 2 types of flu - one that wracked my rib with heroic wretches, and another that battered it with historic coughs. Anyway, enough of that - and, as I said, Welcome February! Welcome Spring! Welcome friendship! And let’s have some happy pics and the promise to catch up with writing and chatting as the New Year gets into full swing.

susan stephens susan stephens

I’m also taking a sentimental journey, which I want to share with you in my Blog - Yep, I know that has also been sadly neglected, but not forgotten, and I think a lot of you will know exactly the journey I mean when I tell you it involves mind-travel as well as some heavy lifting through the many many boxes in my loft, some of which haven’t been opened for more than 20 years! I will get around to posting about my ‘finds’ and thoughts and bitter-sweet memories, but first I have to catch up with writing my second Sapphire Sheikh who has also been waiting in the wings - and none too patiently, I can tell you! Sapphire Sheikh 3 & 4 fully intend to make a much swifter appearance!!!

With my love to you all,
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