susan stephens

Warmest of hugs to my readers across the world!

If your life has been a bit like this, recently...

susan stephens

Take a few moments for yourself to think and rejig your agenda going forward. We all need 'Me Time', so take as many breaks as you reasonably can.

Here's one of my grandchildren in thoughtful mood, proving that almost-teens need quiet time too.

Then, I hope you'll be ready to fly your kite, and see your dreams come true.

susan stephens

With the end result that you sail serenely across the ripples of your life.

And if that doesn't work, friendship, family, chocolate, and a good book helps me.

🔥 ONE SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS EVE 🔥 is full of secret pleasures. Gorge yourself now 😉
susan stephens' one scandalous christmas eve (acostas book 8) susan stephens' one scandalous christmas eve (acostas book 8)

Betty has to have the last word - this is my favourite pic, taken by oldest grandchild, Chloe.

susan stephens

With my love to you,
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