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USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

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susan stephens's untouched until the greek's return

Can the Greek show her the pleasure she’s always dreamed of, in this intoxicating romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Stephens?

He returned for business…
Will he stay for their pleasure?

For tycoon Xander Tsakis, returning to his Greek island home is as unwelcome as the dark memories it triggers. He owes it to his late parents to restore it to its former glory, but he certainly doesn’t plan on enjoying it. Until he meets Rosy Bloom…

Innocent Rosy wanted peace from her unrelenting past. But there’s nothing peaceful about the storm of emotion and desire that Xander unleashes in her! Anything they share would be strictly temporary… But being in Xander’s dangerously thrilling proximity has cautious Rosy abandoning all reason!

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Susan Stephens' Kidnapped for the Acosta Heir susan stephens' kidnapped for the acosta heir

She doesn’t need to confess to the Spaniard, because he already knows her secret! Read this dramatic pregnancy romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Stephens!

Alejandro Acosta:
Billionaire, enigma…father?

The death of her beloved brother was the first of three shocks for singer Sienna Slater. The second was inheriting his half of a Spanish island…and the last was discovering her brother’s best friend, Alejandro, owns the other half!

Sparks fly as their worlds collide, until one unforgettable night leaves Sienna carrying a nine-month secret. But before she has the chance to confess to Alejandro, he discovers the truth and swiftly steals her away on his superyacht. Now, Sienna is about to realize how intent Alejandro is on claiming his child. No matter what it takes…

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Susan Stephens' The Acostas!


susan stephens' blood and thunder series

Powerful, hot-blooded men fight for justice.

Passionate, stand-up women go head to head with them in this pulse-racing quartet of sexy, fast moving novels.

Set in exotic, often dangerous locations, four hard men: a Russian, an Argentinian, a Spaniard, and Cesar, the mystery man who calls no place home, find love a tougher call than the criminals they track down.

United. Triumphant. Blood and Thunder.

If you loved Susan Stephens’ Band of Brothers: Acosta series, and Thunderbolt!, you’ll love Blood and Thunder from this USA Today bestselling author.

Alexei (Book 1) : Dante (Book 2) : Diego (Book 3) : Cesar (Book 4) : Conor (Book 5)

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April 2024

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Susan Stephens' manga A_Night_of_Royal_Consequences

A Night of Royal Consequences
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The Sheikh's Captive Bride
The Sheikh's Captive Bride
(Amazon US) (Amazon UK)
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