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USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

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Susan Stephens' One Night to SeductionONE NIGHT…TO SEDUCTION (3 in 1)
Mills and Boon - 22 Dec. 2022
ISBN-10: 0263318052
ISBN-13: 978-0263318050

Featuring: One Night with His Ex (One Night) / A Scandalous Midnight in Madrid / More than a Fling?

Awakening hidden desires

• When her sister’s engagement party reunites Hadley with her ex-lover Mauricio, it’s lust at first sight all over again. What should be a farewell fling leaves them both longing for a second chance. But with a media scandal sabotaging their future, can they commit this time?

• Sadie’s life is changed forever by an intense moonlit encounter in Madrid with infamous Alejandro. The sizzling anticipation he sparks tempts innocent Sadie all the way to his Spanish castle…and into his bed! She’s never known anything like the wild passion Alejandro unleashes. But their night of pleasure turns Sadie into Spain’s most scandalous headline: pregnant with Alejandro’s baby!

• Business partners with benefits? When Ally and Ross agree terms, she knows not to give things away too easily. She may find Ross utterly irresistible, but she has a thing or two to teach him first! Her first lesson? Everything comes to those who wait…

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susan stephens' blood and thunder series

Powerful, hot-blooded men fight for justice.

Passionate, stand-up women go head to head with them in this pulse-racing quartet of sexy, fast moving novels.

Set in exotic, often dangerous locations, four hard men: a Russian, an Argentinian, a Spaniard, and Cesar, the mystery man who calls no place home, find love a tougher call than the criminals they track down.

United. Triumphant. Blood and Thunder.

If you loved Susan Stephens’ Band of Brothers: Acosta series, and Thunderbolt!, you’ll love Blood and Thunder from this USA Today bestselling author.

Alexei (Book 1) : Dante (Book 2) : Diego (Book 3) : Cesar (Book 4) : Conor (Book 5)

Susan Stephens' One Night to ScandalONE NIGHT...TO SCANDAL (3 in 1)
Mills and Boon - 7 July 2022
ISBN-10: 0263305597
ISBN-13: 978-0263305593

Featuring: The Queen's Baby Scandal (One Night With Consequences) / A Night of Royal Consequences / The Princess Predicament

• Mauro Bianchi is stunned to discover the beautiful innocent who left his bed at midnight three months ago is a queen…and she’s pregnant! He’s never wanted a family, but nothing will stop this billionaire from claiming his heir.

• To preserve his family dynasty, Luca was planning to marry a convenient bride?until Callie reveals the consequences of their heated encounter! Having just taken back her freedom, Callie refuses to wear his ring. To legitimise his heir, Luca must persuade her that life in the royal bed will more pleasurable than she can possibly imagine!

• Whit Howell must rescue Princess Gabriella and return her to her country. In order to keep her safe, he needs to know who is orchestrating attacks on her…and why? This is the most important mission of his life – and he’ll risk everything to save the one woman he’s discovered he can’t live without.

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Susan Stephens' The Sheikh's Shock Child Manga

The Sicilian's Defiant Virgin
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