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Welcome to the sexy, sultry world of Susan Stephens' Thunderbolt! Series

HOT BRAZILIAN NIGHTS is the miniseries name for the overall quartet! IN THE BRAZILIAN'S DEBT (Chico's book), AT THE BRAZILIAN'S COMMAND (Tiago's book), BRAZILIAN'S NINE MONTH NOTICE (Lucas' book), BACK IN THE BRAZILIAN'S BED, (Karina's book)

New:  Meet the characters - Chico, Tiago, Lucas and Karina


Book 1: In The Brazilian's Debt

chico fernadez
Name: Chico Fernandez
Age: 30
Single. And no wonder
Arrogant Brazilian polo player Chico Fernandez has never had his heart broken—some say, because Chico doesn’t have a heart to break. Running the world’s top-class polo training school is more than a hobby for gaucho polo international Chico, it is his life, his passion, and his obsession. Few pupils make the grade. Few survive his relentless training methods. It would take an exceptional woman to not only survive, but to thrive and to conquer the heart of this cold, heartless man.

lizzie fane
Name: Lizzie Fane (Lady Elizabeth Fane)
Age: 26
Shrewd, focused and determined, Lizzie may be young, and a difficult childhood may have made her wary, but when life gets tough Lizzie gets going. Taking on the responsibility for the stud farm her grandmother built up, Lizzie handles everything that comes her way—including an impossibly arrogant man from her troubled past. Grit, skill, and dogged determination, allows strong-willed Lizzie to go head to head with the most impossible man in the polo world: Chico Fernandez.

Paying for the past...

Lady Elizabeth Fane has two choices: lose her family’s Scottish stud farm or swallow her pride and beg Chico Fernandez for help. She’d never forgiven the arrogant Brazilian polo star for abandoning her years before, so instead she will collect on the debt he owes her.

Yet in the sultry Brazilian heat passions flare, revealing feelings Lizzie thought she had long conquered. That until Chico finally reveals the truth behind his desertion and Lizzie realises that he not only has power over her body, but it’s she who is in the Brazilian’s debt.



What was it about music and sex? The rhythm, he decided. Dancing was the perfect prelude to sex. Lizzie’s breathing had quickened, and her heart was pounding furiously against his chest. What was in her head? Raw sex was swirling round them, and that couldn’t be helping Miss Prim right now. All the other dancers were intent on each other, and no doubt, the inevitable outcome of the evening for them. How did Lizzie think this would end? With a good night’s sleep?

‘Don’t fight me,’ he murmured, his mouth close to her ear. ‘Once a day during training sessions, that’s okay. Here on the dance floor? No.’

‘Stop,’ she warned him in a whisper.

‘Stop? Of course I’ll stop, if you want me to.’

Her answer was to shake her head as if she had given up on trying to reason with him, but she didn’t pull away and that brought more of her into contact with him. That brought all of her into contact with him.

‘You are a very bad man,’ she chastened him – and, unless he was imagining things, seemingly enjoying the fact.

‘I’m glad we understand each other at last,’ he murmured.

All the times he’d touched her seemed to have accumulated in her memory bank, and that wasn’t helping, Lizzie realised as they danced on – or, rather, as they gently rubbed their bodies together until the fire inside her threatened to explode right there on the dance floor with everyone watching– her head was full of Chico kissing her, and how much she wanted him to kiss her again. The excitement when his powerful body had held her trapped had been enough to make her want more. Just thinking about it had brought her to a state of arousal she’d never experienced before. And she was in no hurry to come down.

‘Another dance?’

It took her a moment to realise that Chico was speaking to her. She wanted to reply, but it was hard to concentrate long enough to form the words when streaks of sensation were rippling through every nerve ending in her body and her stash of smart retorts was lost in a mist of softly pulsing pleasure. And whatever she said, she doubted anything would remove that mocking curve from Chico’s mouth. He knew his power over her was sex. She hoped he couldn’t even begin to guess how badly she wanted him. But, maybe he could. Chico Fernandez was said to have senses second to none.

She gasped as he moved his fingers – only by a fraction, but enough to make her eyes close so she could concentrate on the sensation. Her response to him had to be obvious, but she couldn’t stop herself. She didn’t want to stop herself. She didn’t want anything to get in the way of this feeling, though some sensible part of her said she would have to find an excuse to leave the party, so she’d be safe –from herself. But not yet. She didn’t want to leave the party yet.



susan stephens
March 2015

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IN THE BRAZILIAN'S DEBT (4 STARS) by Susan Stephens:
Stephens' tale is a melding of worlds from the sultry heat of Brazil to the austere chill of the Scottish Highlands. The use of Portuguese phrases adds that genuine touch, and the heat between the couple brings the sizzle. — Debbie Haupt for RT Book Reviews March 2015



Book 2: At The Brazilian's Command

tiago santos
Name: Tiago Santos
Age: 30
Single How could it be otherwise?
Playboy Tiago Santos might have a sleek outer shell, but he is one hundred per cent barbarian underneath that handsome veneer. A fighter, a lover, and a seducer, Tiago has no shame when it comes to women, until the day his life changes completely when he on hand to save a young woman from being raped. As Tiago’s protective side wars with his warrior instincts, it would take a very special woman to hold his interest for long.. But Tiago has depths that no one has guessed at, least of all Tiago himself.

danny cameron
Name: Danny Cameron
Age: 27
Single and burned by love once too often, Danny lacks confidence and believes she is better suited to being a groom, than competing in the fiery arena of gaucho polo. In this she has vastly underestimated her talent. Danny is warm and caring, with long honey-gold hair that tumbles down her back to her waist. She is Scottish, with deep amethyst eyes and a clear, lightly freckled complexion. Danny is understated and rarely dresses up, but when she does, she can light up a room - again, this is something Danny just doesn't see. Her naivety is charming, but watching her courage return as she embarks on the fieriest relationship of her life, is what really sets this book on fire.


The "Playboy of Polo" needs a wife!

Finding a date has never been a struggle for wealthy polo champion Tiago Santos. But now that he needs a wife, he'll make sure he finds a woman who understands that this Brazilian stallion won't be tamed!

Practical, poised Danny Cameron is the perfect candidate. She sees the value of a union that provides investment in her business—with no false promise of the happily-ever-after she doesn't believe in.

But as their wedding night approaches, the sensual rhythm of the samba fills Danny with a longing…to experience all that Tiago's enthralling Latin fire promises to unleash!


susan stephens

Coming Soon!



susan stephens
April 2015

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Book 3: Brazilian's Nine Month Notice

lucas marcelos
Name: Lucas Marcelos
Age: 33 - heartbreaker, hotel owner, polo player

Emma Fane
Name: Emma Fane
Age: 26 - chambermaid, child of dissolute, impoverished aristos – fighting the past, and now the present with Lucas Marcelos is back in her life.


Carrying her Brazilian boss's baby!

For chambermaid Emma Fane, her best friend's winter wedding promises to be the perfect distraction for her troubles. Until, heart racing, she spies Lucas Marcelos—infamous lothario and father to her unborn child!

Lucas may have lost his head over innocent, spirited Emma for one glorious night, but he won't lose his heir! He lures her away from snowy Scotland back to sultry Brazil. But Emma is no man's mistress. It only took one night to change their lives, now they have nine months to face the consequences…

A passionate read for Christmas nights!


susan stephens

Luc’s voice was soft, but it still wore that same edge of command that she remembered from London... the command that made her body thrill. Determinedly, she pulled herself together. “Are you always so direct?”

“You should know,” he murmured.

Sensation rocked her. Luc’s instructions had led to her places she hadn’t even known existed. That memory alone was enough to distract her now. it didn’t help that his wicked mouth was tugging in a smile as if he knew the effect he was having on her.

“I seem to remember that you like me to be direct, and to direct you.” He searched her eyes as if daring her to deny this.

She hated that her cheeks had heated up. “Senhor Marcelos—”

“Luc.” His mouth tugged faintly in a smile.

Shaking her head with impatience, she tried to move past him, and then, to her annoyance, found she was almost disappointed when he stepped away. Was she so susceptible to his black charm?

No, she determined firmly. Running up the magnificent staircase to catch up with the bride, she didn’t give him a backward glance.



susan stephens
November 1, 2015

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Book 4: Back in the Brazilian's Bed

Dante Baracca
Name: Dante Baracca
Age: 33
Karina’s nemesis. This billionaire, bad-boy polo player is determined to lift the polo cup and fire up his stormy relationship with Karina Marcelos. When he finds her much changed, Dante will stop at nothing to discover the reason why.

Karina Marcelos
Name: Karina Marcelos
Age: 28
Events planner, sister of Lucas Marcelos, ex-wild-child who lost her innocence to the black-hearted demon of the polo circuit—and now Dante Baracca is back in her life.


He's back in her life…

Events planner Karina Marcelos has risen to the top of her field trying to forget lothario polo player Dante Barracca. Ten years ago he took her innocence, but that wasn't all she lost after that fateful night…

She's back in his bed!

With the Gaucho Cup to organize, Dante knows Karina is the best person for the job. But the buttoned-up woman he hires is a shadow of the vivacious girl he once knew. No one can hide under the glare of the Brazilian sun, and Dante plans to lift the lid on Karina's secret before he lifts the champion's cup!


susan stephens

He watched her walk away across the room, putting as much distance between them as she politely could. His eyes devoured her. No other woman could make him feel this way—as if he was risking everything—his place on the team, his friendship with Luc, even his sanity, just by being in the same room as her. He felt a spike of jealousy, wondering who Karina had been with through the years. Who had touched her? Who had held her? Who had heard her scream with pleasure? Who knew that if they stroked her from the nape of her neck to the small of her back, she would whimper with need and raise her hips, inviting even more intimate touches? Who had tasted her innocence since he had basked in it on that one passionate night?

“It’s so good to have you here Dante—”

He shot alert as her brother spoke to him. Luc had an easy manner with his teammates and as he crossed the room to put an arm around Dante, in was in complete contrast to the tension that had risen between Dante and Luc’s sister. He pushed that aside to reassure his friend. “Thank you. It’s good to be here...”



susan stephens
November 2015

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In The Brazilian's Debt : At The Brazilian's Command : Brazilian's Nine Month Notice : Back In The Brazilian's Bed


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