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inspiration behind the books

You are the inspiration behind this new series of four polo books.

I wrestled with several ideas before coming up with the idea for this series, but as mail continued to drop into my inbox asking for more hot polo guys, I had to listen. I wanted to listen I couldn't wait to mount up and enter the virile world of polo again.

I wrote Christmas Nights With The Polo Player to link my hunky Acosta guys with a new team from white-hot, sexy, sultry Brazil - the land of rhythm and samba and carnival, gorgeous women and unbeliavably good-looking men.

Why Brazil?

For all the aforementioned reasons.

And because my youngest child sailed into Rio when she took part in the international Clipper yacht race, raising more than ten thousand pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and taking some fabulous photographs along the way, which I wanted to share with you.

Photos and anywhere else you fancy.

When I first saw these photographs I said: I should write a story set in Brazil.

My daughter said: No. You have to You cannot imagine how fabulous Brazil is. You must take your readers there...

And so the setting was decided and the THUNDERBOLT team was born.

Chico, Tiago, Lucas and Karina - Yes, the lady owner of this team is really going to stir things up in the fourth and last book in this series. May the best man win? Even I don't know the answer to that Maybe a woman will come out on top this time. I do know I can't wait to find out.

susan stephens


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susan stephens


susan stephens