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Prim and proper – until she’s seduced by her gorgeous Italian boss!

Katie Bannister is prim, perky and petite. Worlds apart from her new boss – the dangerous, daring and devilishly handsome Rigo Ruggiero.

When she dips her toe in his jet-set world, Katie’s sensible brown shoes suddenly seem very out of place. And as Rigo’s assistant there’s no desk to hide behind…

When she accompanies the magnificent Italian to his newly inherited Tuscan palazzo, Kate witnesses the wolf entering his lair. Finally Rigo has come home – and he’s ready to undo Miss Prim’s buttons!


Katie’s reputation at the firm was founded on dogged persistence along with her ability to calm even the most fractious of clients, but after a long day in a cheap suit in a cold office, she was at the end of her tether. It wasn’t as if she was trying to serve a writ, for goodness’ sake, rather she was trying to inform Signor Ruggiero that he had come into money.

More money, Katie qualified, glancing at the magazine the girls in the office had so helpfully placed on her desk. It featured a devastatingly handsome Rigo Ruggiero on the front cover. Not that she was interested. Firming her jaw, she continued to explain to one of the richest men in Italy why she must come to see him in person. To Rome, where she had thought of going as a singer, once…

‘Well, I haven’t got the time to come over there-

Katie snapped back to the present. ‘Your step-brother anticipated this…’ Her heart picked up pace as she went on to read out the letter of instruction that came with the will. She was normally unflappable, but office tittle-tattle had unsettled her where Rigo Ruggiero was concerned. He was not just a successful tycoon, but a high profile playboy who lived life in the fast lane. To say that Katie Bannister and Rigo Ruggiero were worlds apart was a massive understatement.

Everyone in the office had thought it highly amusing that the official office virgin had been appointed to deal with Italy’s most notorious playboy. Katie’s public face had remained unmoved through all this teasing banter, but her imagination had run riot. After her initial trepidation, she had thought, bring it on. What did she have to worry about? Rigo Ruggiero would take one look at dull little Katie Bannister and she’d be safe.

‘No, I’m sorry,’ she said. ‘I’m afraid your late step-brother’s personal effects cannot be sent to you through the post, Signor Ruggiero.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because…’ She took a deep, steadying breath. Forget the letter of intentions- shouldn’t he care a little more? And did he have to snap like that? His step-brother had just died, for goodness’ sake. Surely he was curious to learn what he’d been left in the will? ‘Your step-brother’s instructions are most specific, Signor Ruggiero. He appointed the firm I represent, Flintock, Gough and Coverdale, as executors to his will, and Mr Flintock has asked me to carry out the requirements therein to the letter-’


Mockery now?

‘Do you always speak legalise to your clients, Signorina Bannister? That must be very confusing for them-’ His voice was dry and amused. ‘I recommend plain-speaking myself…’

No one had ever criticised her dedication to the letter of the law before and it was becoming increasingly clear that Rigo Ruggiero couldn’t care a fig for his step-brother. She could see him now, lolling back on some easy chair as he took the call- all preposterously white teeth, inky black hair and dark, mocking eyes. Closing her eyes, she willed herself to remain calm. ‘What I’m trying to explain, Signor Ruggiero-’

‘Don’t patronise me.’



4 STARS! ‘Stephens' terrific story shows how love can be transforming. The marvelous hero looks beyond the surface and frees the heroine to open up about her biggest fears.’
—Sandra Garcia Myers, Romantic Times

‘I adored Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim! Susan Stephens expertly blends all the drama and emotion which we have to come to expect from her books and the Harlequin Presents line with delicious touches of wicked humour which will make her readers laugh out loud as they fall in love with Katie and Rigo, chuckle at the witty repartee between them, wipe away a tear as they succumb to the emotional power of the novel and cheer on the two characters on their way to their happy ever after. Sexy, witty and as wonderful as ever, Susan Stephens has written another winner with Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim!’
—Julie Bonello, CataRomance


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Aug 2014