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Welcome to the world of
The Acostas, known as
The Band of Brothers
on the polo circuit

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Nero Caracas :: Ruiz Acosta :: Diego Acosta
Nacho Acosta :: Lucia Acosta :: Kruz Acosta
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susan stephens's The Acosta brothers

Prequel: The Untamed Argentinian

susan stephens
Name: Nero Caracas
Polo Team: The Assassins
Occupation: Polo hero, national icon,
the heartbreaker of Argentina

susan stephens
Name: Bella Wheeler
Occupation: UK horse trainer

Nero Caracas - The Assasin. Polo Hero, National Icon, The World's Most Eligible Bachelor And Most Beddable Man. The Heartbreaker Of Argentina.

What Nero wants, Nero gets – doesn't he?

Reigning polo champion, Nero Caracas bows to no man... and certainly not to women! With red-hot Latin blood coursing through his veins, what Nero wants he gets...

Horse-trainer, Bella Wheeler has followed in the footsteps of a notorious father – though Bella is determined to restore her father's tarnished legacy. Aware of the gossip circulating in polo circles Bella remains professionally distant from everyone. This aloof beauty has two things Nero wants – the best horse in the world, and a body as pure and untouched as her snow–white ice maiden's reputation.


susan stephens

When he dipped his head, one professional acknowledging another, she saw the steel of challenge in his eyes. Nero Caracas was hardly the most sensible enemy for a woman in Bella's precarious financial position to make.

But she wouldn't fail, Bella told herself firmly, straightening up to face this god of the game. 'Is that everything?'

Nero's lips pressed down. 'No,' he said with a shake of his head. 'I think misty would benefit from being ridden by a man who really appreciates her.'

'I can assure you that the captain of the English team appreciates Misty -'

'But does he ride her in a way that brings Misty pleasure?'

Did Nero Caracas have to make everything sound like an invitation to bed?



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Book 1 The Shameless Life of Ruiz Acosta

susan stephens
Name: Ruiz Acosta
Age: 28
Height: 6'
Occupation: Polo player

Ruiz is the 'fixer' of the family;
the 'glue' that holds the Acostas together.

susan stephens
Name: Holly Valiant
Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Occupation: Journalist ROCK! magazine

Fiercely ambitious, Holly will stop at nothing to succeed at ROCK! even if that means 'living with a playboy' to garner juicy titbits to publish in her column


Living with a playboy - on his terms!

Trainee journalist, Holly Valiant, desperately needs hot new material for ROCK! Magazine. Luckily her temporary flatmate, sexy Argentinan polo player, Ruiz Acosta, is the perfect subject - Who wouldn't want to know everything about the agony and ecstasy of living with a playboy?

It's like observing a caged tiger, Holly discovers, and she knows she should keep her distance – But will she? Ruiz has a more hands-on approach in mind. He's happy to help Holly learn about the high life one samba step at a time, but in the playboy's natural habitat Ruiz makes all the rules...


susan stephens


Holly's London Diary:

Research. And that's all it would be. I wouldn't be breaking Rule 2 — no men. I would simply be observing this man from a purely clinical point of view. My 'living with a Playboy' idea would be like one of those fly–on–the-wall documentaries. I wouldn't be hands–on — I should be so lucky. More all hands to the pump — gulp — as I try to do my bit to save the agony aunt column. (Though I can't deny the thought of living so close to this particular playboy has done wonders for my metabolic rate. I've eaten a whole tub of double chocolate chip ice cream in anticipation of his return and I can still get into my jeans...)

(Imagine how slim I'd be if we lived together permanently...)

(Not that I'd ever consider living with anyone after my experience with the ex…)

Love-life? Vicarious. Active. Very active indeed.

Lustful thoughts? Are there any other kind?

And the playboy? This might all be over by tomorrow. He didn't exactly seem thrilled to see me, and I have yet to discover how he feels when he returns from the gym to find I'm still here.



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Book 2: The Argentinian's Solace

susan stephens
Name: Diego Acosta
Age: 30
Height: 6'
Occupation: Polo player

Apart from being an international polo player
Diego is the family money man – shrewd and hard

susan stephens
Name: Maxie Parrish
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: Wedding planner


Will beauty tame the beast?

Following a catastrophic accident on the polo field Diego Acosta's playing days are over. Living in self–imposed exile on his island paradise, Diego's nights are filled with tormenting memories of the past and a man Diego holds responsible for the death of his closest friend.

When wedding planner Maxie Parrish crashes his solitude, radiating exuberance and a love of life, Maxie's health and vitality alone are like a slap in the face for Diego, but she burns so brightly he cannot get her out of his mind. With revenge ruling him he will seduce and conquer Maxie with the same single–minded determination that saw him rise to the top of the polo circuit. Only this time he'll walk away without scars...


susan stephens


'So you're Diego Acosta?' she exclaimed, unable to conceal her surprise. Trying to ignore the waves of awareness washing over her, she took a fresh look at the man towering over her. He still looked more like a disreputable pirate than an international polo player. Bracing herself, she extended her hand in greeting - which he ignored and turned away.

Diego Acosta wasn't sophisticated and he wasn't charming. He certainly wasn't her usual wedding contact, most of whom looked to Maxie for guidance. The thought of this man looking to anyone for direction was a joke. Diego Acosta was a glowering tyrant who expected to be obeyed.

But she had dealt with difficult characters in the past, Maxie reminded herself. It was inevitable that she met a wide mix of personalities during the course of her work. Diplomacy was an essential part of her skill set and she was used to difficult men, having grown up under the iron fist of her father. She had learned how to handle him before illness had so cruelly diminished him, and now she must learn how to handle Diego Acosta.



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Book 3: A Taste of the Untamed

susan stephens
Name: Nacho Acosta
Age: 32
Occupation: Polo player

The oldest of the Acosta brothers,
Nacho is the hard man of polo

susan stephens
Name: Grace Lundström
Age: 26
Occupation: sommelier

Two years after losing her sight Grace is one very special and determined lady


The paparazzi are in a frenzy, mothers are locking up their daughters-Nacho Acosta is back in town!

The wild, unpredictable polo champion is restoring his sprawling Argentinian vineyard and he needs a sommelier who can match his exacting tastes...

Without her sight, Grace's other senses have been heightened. In spite of her inexperience it's made her perfect for the job-and now it's not just the wine that has her mouth watering!

Nacho is expecting meek and vulnerable, but what he gets is fiery independence...and a sensuality that excites his jaded palate!


susan stephens


'I presume I'm allowed to do this much for you?' Nacho said, opening the door.

Did she appear so prickly and defensive? Probably, Grace concluded. She wasn't cut out for the role of victim, but there was no reason to overreact to every little comment, either. Feeling for the seat, she climbed into the car, and Nacho swung into the driver's seat at her side. It was when he closed the door and they were trapped inside the small space together that information started bombarding her brain.

He was still damp from the shower. He had used some sort of menthol soap-or was that toothpaste? Or mouthwash, maybe? Anyway, he smelled clean. Big and warm was a given-as was bursting with suppressed energy. She held herself stiffly as he started the engine, sensing his hands close, but unable to tell just how close. The seats were big and comfortable-leather…well-sprung. She explored hers discreetly with her fingertips and then relaxed. The seats were huge. There was no chance they would rub up against each other.

'It's just a short drive to our newly refurbished wine facility,' Nacho explained. 'We could have walked there, but I thought you might be tired after the upheaval of the past few days.'

'That's very kind of you, but I'm feeling great-excited about the wine.'

'Viticulture in this area goes back centuries.'

'So you're the guardian of a lot of history?'

He didn't answer for a moment, but then he said, 'That's right...'

From the direction of his voice she guessed he'd turned to look at her.

Tension was rising all the time between them-or maybe she was imagining that too. She wondered if Nacho's lips were twisted in the cynical smile she remembered at the thought of the test to come.



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Book 4: The Man From Her Wayward Past

susan stephens
Name: Luke Forster
Age: 30
Occupation: Businessman and polo player

Polo team: free-lance muscle for hire - Luke is known as The Enforcer on the polo field

susan stephens
Name: Lucia Acosta
Age: 24
Occupation: Reformed wild-child: cleaner, general dogsbody, and would-be hotel manager


Would the real Lucia Acosta please stand up?

Fun-loving and feisty Lucia Acosta was the girl everybody wanted at their party. With her sultry South American looks she captured every man's attention.

One terrible secret later, a paler, quieter Lucia's gone from owning the dance floor to cleaning it, when a ghost from parties past walks in...

Luke Forster would recognise those curves anywhere-he grew up hypnotised by them! But as his best friend's little sister she was strictly off-limits. He's shocked to see her fallen so low, but relieved her pride's still intact! The real Lucia Acosta is still in there somewhere, and he's the man to tempt her out...


susan stephens


'Lucia?' Luke rapped sternly, staring down at her with knife-sharp eyes. 'Are you working here?'

Of course she should have said, What's it to you? But a row might draw attention, and she couldn't afford to lose this job.

'No, of course I'm not working here,' she protested with a laugh, glancing around to make sure no one had heard Luke calling her by her real name. 'I come here so often they let me hang my coat in the stockroom.'

'Really?' Luke drawled, with an even more contemptuous expression in his brooding amber gaze.

'Okay, I work here from time to time,' she admitted, brushing it off as she continued to stare at a face that was mesmerising in its harsh masculine beauty. If you wanted hard there was no better hard to be had than Luke Forster-as her yearning and thoroughly confused body could now attest.

The crowd on the dance floor fell back at Luke's advance like the Red Sea parting, and Luke paused at the entrance to the casino just long enough to shoot a stare at Lucia that assured her this wasn't nearly over yet.



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Book 5: Taming The Last Acosta

susan stephens
Name: Kruz Acosta
Occupation: Argentinian polo champion turned
Special Forces soldier

susan stephens
Name: Romy Winner
Occupation: Photojournalist


Her mother told her never to play with fire...

Living her life vicariously through a camera lens, photojournalist Romy Winner is happy to stay in the background, capturing other people's happiness. Until Argentinian polo champion turned Special Forces soldier Kruz Acosta challenges her to step out of the shadows-and into his bed!

Their recklessness has one startling repercussion that should never be linked to a man with such a wicked reputation. If Romy is to secure her child's future she must get beneath the mask that hides his scars and learn how to tame the wild Acosta...


susan stephens


'So when were you going to tell me that you're pregnant?' Kruz demanded.

'You seem more concerned about my faults than our child. There were so many times when I wanted to tell you... I don't want to argue with you about this, Kruz. I want to discuss what has happened while we've got the chance. For God's sake, Kruz-what's wrong with you? Anyone would think you were trying to drive me away-taking your child with me.'

'You'll stay here until I tell you to go,' he said, snatching hold of her arm.

'Let me go!' she cried furiously.

'There's nowhere for you to go. There's just thousands of miles of nothing out there.'

'I'm leaving Argentina.'

'And then what?' he demanded.

'And then I'll make a life for me and our baby-the baby you don't care to acknowledge.'

Was that a flicker of something human in his eyes? Had she got through to him at last? His grip had relaxed on her arm.



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Name: Gabe Ortoya
Age: 32
Occupation: fully paid up bad-boy, world polo champion and captain of the Brazilian 'Thunderbolt' polo team.

susan stephens
Name: Lucy Lavender
Age: 22
Occupation: veterinary student


The Acostas!

Fiery passion, intense love and rampaging barbarians with hearts of gold!


Sizzling Mistletoe Kisses...

Spending Christmas with Brazilian polo champion Gabe Ortoya—and his whole family—opens Lucy Lavender’s eyes to a whole new side of this notorious heartbreaker. Gabe is Lucy's in to her dream career in equine medicine but she vows to resist her wickedly sexy boss. After a devastating kiss under the mistletoe, Lucy finds it increasingly hard not to surrender to temptation. . . .Especially when sinfully delicious Gabe seems to have put it on his holiday wish list to get her into his bed!


susan stephens


...Now pretend you’re not excited, Lucy mused as she arranged a small stack of sugar-dusted mince pies in cellophane with trembling fingers before securing Gabe’s small gift with a bright red tartan ribbon. Why shouldn’t she be excited, when her boss, Gabe Ortoya, reining world polo champion and captain of the Brazilian Thunderbolt polo team, was coming round to pick her up today.

And just in case her imagination ran away with her, this crazy heartbeat had nothing with physical attraction No. As a veterinary student keen to pursue a career in equine medicine, accepting a lift to the Acosta party from Gabe was a sound investment in her future career.

Give me a job at your polo stables or your mince pies are dust!

That should do it!


Lucy barely had time to wash her hands and finger-comb her hair before the doorbell rang. She glanced at her watch. Gabe was early. Pausing by the mirror, she wiped the tell tale sugar dust off her mouth, then bracing herself, she took a deep breath and swung the door wide.



She had never seen him in daylight before. That was such a ridiculous thought she wanted to laugh. Gabe looked glorious – ten times better in daylight, especially wrapped up like the most delicious Christmas present ever in a heavy black jacket with a wool scarf catching on his thick black stubble. Jeans, boots and attitude completed the ensemble. He was perfect. Delicious. Perfectly delicious.

Seeing his arms loaded with packages her brain cells reluctantly whirred into action. ‘Won’t you come in?’ She stood back.

‘My apologies for arriving early, Lucy, but I brought some things...’

‘I can see that.’ She gasped as Gabe piled box after box from London’s most exclusive store along the wall in her modest hallway.

‘Happy Christmas, Lucy –’

‘You’re going?’ Lucy's heart sank. So much for that imagination of hers prompting all sorts of raunchy thoughts.

‘I’ll return prompt at three o’ clock, Luce - Oh, and before I go, I forgot something –’

Too busy staring round him into the car to try and see what Gabe might have forgotten, she was an easy target, and gasped when she spotted the mistletoe in his hand. ‘Don’t you dare -’ But her body refused to move, and before she could speak or think, Gabe had dipped his head and kissed her.

Remaining quite still, as if that could somehow trap the moment, Lucy slowly opened her eyes in time to see Gabe folding his muscular frame into an expensive red car. The only thing wrong with suspending time, she mused, was that it cleared mind of rational thought. What were those things he'd left in her hall?

It was too late to ask Gabe, Lucy realised with frustration as his sports car roared away...



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Christmas Nights with the Polo Player is ummissable if you've been keeping up with the Acosta’s or if you’re looking for a fantastic Christmas themed love story sure to crank the heat up for those celebrating Christmas in the currently chilly Northern Hemisphere…

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Susan Stephens gives you the perfect Christmas read this winter with Christmas Nights with the Polo Player...



Acostas Box Set

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Acostas Box Set includes:

1. The Shameless Life Of Ruiz Acosta
2. The Argentinian's Solace
3. A Taste Of The Untamed
4. The Man From Her Wayward Past
5. Taming The Last Acosta
6. Christmas Nights With The Polo Player (novella)



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The Untamed Argentinian :: The Shameless Life of Ruiz Acosta
The Argentinian's Solace :: A Taste of the Untamed

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The Man From her Wayward Past :: Taming The Last Acosta


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susan stephens susan stephens a taste of the untamed susan stephens

The Untamed Argentinian :: The Argentinian's Solace :: A Taste Of The Untamed :: Taming The Last Acosta


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susan stephens christmas nights with the polo player

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