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USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stephens

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Chaos, magic, secrets and passion combine when Abra, Warrior Witch, sets out on a sacred quest to save her village from the curse of a hag that has rendered every living creature barren.

To destroy the hag and lift the curse, Abra must absorb the magic of Bahkran the Great Warrior.

Abra is not impressed when she learns what she must do to secure the Great Hunter's magic: "I've yet to meet a warrior with a single brain cell above his belt."

Undaunted, Abra sets out on her quest.

Encountering shapeshifters, dragons and demons along the way, Abra fights on to meet the Great Hunter in his palace where Bahkran guards the Great Seat of Saturn, the source of all power.

Fighting the hag is something Abra must do alone, but it's handy to have a warrior dragon shifter on-side to help Abra battle the demon hoards the hag brings with her...

Warrior Witch
July 30, 2021

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15 April 2021
Mills & Boon (UK)

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